Unusual Pairs – Clips

A video series about friends across the divide of the middle east conflict working to bring people together and help develop an environment where peace can emerge.

Unusual Pairs: Marc Gopin and Hind Kabawat

Conflict Resolution Professor and “Peace Rabbi” Marc Gopin and his partner, Hind Kabawat, an International Adviser at Joseph Young and Associates in Toronto, as well as a Foreign Affairs Director for the Syrian Public Relation Association, have done groundbreaking work in bridging the divide between Syria, the United States, and even Israel. Here is their story.

Unusual Pairs: Elana Rozenman and Ibtisam Mahameed

Elana Rozenman is the founder of Trust-Emun, whose women-led activities are geared to finding the common humanity that builds trust and dispels fear among people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, religions and nations. Ibtisam Mahameed is a Palestinian Israeli peaceworker living in a small Arab-Palestinian community in Fureidis, northern Israel. A devout Muslim, she works with many groups that promote interfaith dialogue and nonviolence, including the Interfaith Encounter Association and the Golden Road. Ibtisam is deeply committed to strengthening the role of women in society, and was the first woman to run for mayor of her hometown. She recently received the “Unsung Heroes of Compassion” award from the Dalai Lama in San Francisco, CA. Together, Ibtisam and Elana work to bring Arab and Jewish women together to create lasting bonds.

Unusual Pairs: Eliyahu McLean and Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bukhari

Sheikh Bukhari is one of a long line of Sufi leaders going back centuries. He promotes interfaith dialogue with religious leaders and ordinary people of all persuasions. He lives with his family in the Old City of Jerusalem. Eliyahu McLean is a Jewish peacemaker living in West Jerusalem. He works and prays with people of all beliefs and he speaks out internationally for reconciliation in the Holy Land. Together Eliyahu and Sheikh Bukhari formed Jerusalem Peacemakers, and work together to unite all people in the Holy Land.

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