Online Marketing Review 2018

What are some good SEO marketing tips for 2018? Knowing the state of current search engine optimisation can help you stay with the pack that’s paying attention to modern affairs, while also pulling away from or creating space between you and any competitors that are still doing the same old thing.

The following SEO factors are expected to matter more than ever before in 2018.


First of all, make sure you have a mobile version of your sites. Google is changing things for people who search on mobile devices, and in some cases, only the mobile versions of sites will be shown in search results, so just being mobile-friendly isn’t enough anymore. For more information go to Ni SEO – Mobile Optimisation.

Local SEO Focus

Secondly, if local SEO matters to your business at all, get on it. If you’re already doing it, double down on it. A lot of mobile searching is done looking for businesses or places consumers either want to find that day or they’re already out and about looking for. Over half of them intend to spend their money that very day, so these are prospects you simply can not miss out on.

Local Hosting

The fact is Google loves local, if you’re aiming to serve a local market with your products and services, to get as much Google love as you can we highly recommend local hosting with companies like Web Hosting Ireland.

Voice-Activated Search


Third, be ready for voice search. Mobile technology has already taken over the majority of search traffic online, and the explosion of at-home devices such as Alexa and Konker have also contributed to search queries happening with people talking or asking a question instead of typing in a search string. Have content that matches these questions. Whenever possible, make your title the very question that a searcher might be asking, then make sure your content answers that question in robust fashion and set up plenty of backlinks from reputable and high-calibre sources pointing back to your article to make it look authoritative.

There’s more to this in being successful in 2018 SEO, but it’s a good start.