Digital Marketing SEO consultant

This article is about on how to become a Digital Marketing SEO consultant , it is not an easy task we must say but read on and you might quid your day job. As in any field, you need to start with the basics. In the case of seo, the basics are the basic concept that the specialists operate on: update, research, and link out etc. This is what seo-specialist has to be able to do.

Naturally, a prerequisite for answering the question of how to set up SEO optimization will be the study of all the recommendations of search engines that are written for webmasters. Knowing these recommendations will be useful to you in order to understand where the “framework is allowed” in search engine optimization.You do not have to cram all these recommendations, but you must at least superficially know what they are talking about and understand the general message of the administration of the search engines, which they tried to convey these recommendations to webmasters. And they have a common message – do not cheat, develop your websites, make them interesting and easy to use and have patience.

In addition, these recommendations are changed or supplemented from time to time. Therefore, you must very carefully monitor any updates in the criteria for assessing the quality of web resources on the part of search engines.But, despite these recommendations, it is worthwhile to understand that the success of website promotion depends not only on those moments that are described by the administration of search engines (useful content, usability, etc.), but also on the credibility of your site.And the authority of the website derives from several factors: the time that the site exists on the Internet and the number of other resources referring to it. Therefore, it becomes urgent to find places to link to your site in order to increase its credibility. And, more often than not, you have to buy these links from webmasters who do not mind posting them on their sites. After learning the basics, helping to understand in general terms how to become a seo-specialist, we turn to the tools that optimizes operate on.Having studied the basics of the professional sphere, it is worthwhile to understand what tools you will have to operate in your activity. After all, since the beginning of search engine optimization, it has already been a long time, many methods and tools have been tried for the work of seo-specialists, and you need to understand what tools are relevant right now. These tools can be referred to as link exchanges, where you will buy the reference mass, as well as services for collecting and analyzing data about your site and competitors’ sites.

For example, it’s worth understanding that link exchanges are the easiest way to find a site where you can buy links for your site. But even they can be divided into two types: And we will continue on this topic in the next blog post. Stay tuned for updates.