Consequences of Poor Web Design and How You Can Address Them

Given that your website is the face of your business what impression does it make on the people who visit it? What role does the design of your website play in either customer retention or repulsion? Are there basic minimums that visitors expect from a site and how can you make sure that you do not frustrate them?

Whether your business depends on online or in-store sales, the design of your website plays a critical role in influencing customer purchasing decisions. Research has shown that majority of customers begin the search for products and services online before making the decision either to buy online or to visit a store.

The way your website is designed then becomes critical. If the customer gets what he or she wants on your site, they could make an immediate online purchase or decide to pay your physical store a visit. As a business owner, it is therefore your duty to ensure that the firm you hire to create a website does a sterling job.

The design features that could frustrate customers

The physical appearance of your site matters a lot especially to first time visitors. Does your site look modern or does it appear as if it was created a decade ago?  A modern site will be colorful and have plenty of images and probably a video or two.

The quality of the images and videos matters too. If the images are not clear and the video looks amateurish your visitors will conclude that you too are an amateur. It is important to remember that your visitors have other sites to compare yours to and you can bet that they’ll be more attracted by a modern-looking and professionally created site. That is why it is important to seek the services of a professional Spokane web design company when creating your site.

An online presence will be useless if it does not build credibility with potential customers. You lose credibility when customers cannot tell quickly who you are, where you are located and the goods and services you offer.

Visitors will be highly impressed when they land on your site and quickly find out the full range of products or services you deal in. Should such customers wish to contact you, make sure that your full contact details (including a physical location) are provided. It also helps to provide clear pictures of the business and the company’s leading executives. The presence of such features tells the visitor that you know what you are doing and that your business is legit. Conversely, the lack of this kind of info will make visitors treat you with suspicion.

It’s all about the visitor

While having a physically attractive site will attract visitors, it is important that you create features that will help keep those visitors on the site and possibly make them convert. However beautiful a site is, it will fail to keep visitors enthralled if it does not have useful content and that is why you might need the services of a web design agency to help you craft content.

You must also remember that the time spent on a site by a visitor is a ranking factor in Google. When the info you have on the site is valuable, visitors not only spend plenty of time there but you stand a great chance of converting them. On the contrary, if the site is packed with irrelevant and poorly written content you should expect a rise in the bounce rate.

Another design feature that could make or break your site is its navigability. Is your site organized in a logical easy to follow manner or is it a mumble jumble that visitors can’t make sense of? A competent company will help you develop the features that will make your site truly navigable.

Online visitors have questions for which they seek answers and if you can answer those questions you are well on the way to building credibility with them. By giving visitors what they need, you increase your chances of turning them into valuable customers.