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Running a website and making sure it is prepped for search engine optimization takes time.

You are not going to get up one morning and complete a great campaign. You will need to know about the intricacies of doing these campaigns, and one of the most important things to look for would be optimizing your images.

What are you doing with the images on your site?

Are they helping boost your site or are you taking away from its SEO potential?

Let’s take a look at what you need to do to optimize your images for Google.

Optimize Names and Meta Tags

Start with optimizing image files by updating the names and tags because those are going to be looked at first.

This means if you are putting up a picture of a basketball net, you don’t want to go with the original name such as “4tkd0g0d” because those random letters/numbers won’t do much. You want to make it specific such as “Brand + Basketball Net” because it will make sense with your site.

Keep it structured and do that for every image that is out there. Tag each image with EXIF data and multiple descriptive terms that you would use if you were speaking to someone. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, I’m sure you can find 10 that are relevant to your industry. This will ensure your site is easy to read for search engines.Exif data


Use Relevant Images

You want to make sure you use images relevant to your niche through a free tool like https://pixabay.com/. Don’t use random images that take up space.

This means if you are sticking to a basketball theme, you don’t want to start putting in random images of trees. You want to focus on the niche and put up images people are going to search about when they hop on Google or Bing. This is going to draw attention to your site and help it rank.

This little change is going to bolster your site and optimize those images the way you want them to be optimized.

Compress and Reduce Image File Size

Yes, it might seem like an excellent idea to put that large scale photo on your website because it looks beautiful. Well, it might look gorgeous, but that isn’t going to help with your SEO campaign. It is going to take away from your page by slowing it down and that is a major issue.

User engagement is all about drawing people in with a fast site that loads well.

If not, you are going to see significant damage to your site, and it is going to rank poorly. It happens all the time and what you need to do is upload smaller photos or compress images to ensure your site speed isn’t impacted.

These are simple changes anyone can make to their images to ensure there is balance on their site and things do work out. Yes, it might seem like a fantastic idea to go ahead and just wing it, but you want to look at these details for any SEO campaign.

You want to optimize everything, and that is going to include the images you are putting up. Each of these techniques will help you increase your rankings on your business website. If you cannot handle these changes yourself, it’s always good to contact someone like Alex Furfaro SEO to help you with your search engine optimization problems.…

When you are looking to find the best SEO company (seo byrå in Swedish), you want to do your research. Finding the best company can help to position your company well within the search engine rankings. Hiring a professional SEO company is one of the best investments you can make in your business. Throughout this article, we will be going over some of the top tips to find the best ones in Sweden.


Finding The Best SEO Company Sweden:

1. Experience

The main thing that you should be looking at when you are trying to identify the best SEO company would be the amount of experience they have. You should attempt to find a company that has a significant amount of experience because it will allow you to make a good decision regarding which company to go with. Therefore, you should be looking closely at the experience level of the company that you end up choosing.
That way, you will be able to choose one that has been around on the market, being able to adjust to changes, and that has performed well in the past.

2. Reputation

Along with a high experience level, you want to try to find a company that has a consistent and good overall reputation within the market. You can find a lot of information about the reputation of the company in question by looking at the various review websites or simply by searching for testimonials or reviews of the SEO company. If they are a good SEO company, the main results you will find from these searches will be positive.

3. Pricing

Whenever choosing an SEO company, you are going to want to factor in the pricing. You want to find a company that is going to be willing and able to perform the necessary tasks within your specified budget range. Otherwise, you will simply be unable to afford their services for too long and your results will suffer from it. While this doesn’t mean to necessarily opt for the company that is going to be willing and able to provide you with the services for the least amount of money, it does mean that you want to consider your budget when choosing.

4. No Fake Promises

Some dishonest SEO companies will try to win over your business by making false promises. You want to avoid any SEO company that is willing to lie to you and gives you a false promise of guaranteeing a specific ranking as SEO is far too unpredictable to make these types of guarantees.

Overall, there are plenty of different things that you are going to want to look at and consider when it comes time to choose the right SEO company to hire. By following the tips above and looking closely at the different factors, you should be able to make a good decision in regards to which company you might want to hire. Be sure to look at everything and consider your options prior to choosing. There is a lot that you should be looking at when it comes to finding the best SEO company in Sweden.


SEO workstation


What are some good SEO marketing tips for 2018? Knowing the state of current search engine optimisation can help you stay with the pack that’s paying attention to modern affairs, while also pulling away from or creating space between you and any competitors that are still doing the same old thing.

The following SEO factors are expected to matter more than ever before in 2018.


First of all, make sure you have a mobile version of your sites. Google is changing things for people who search on mobile devices, and in some cases, only the mobile versions of sites will be shown in search results, so just being mobile-friendly isn’t enough anymore. For more information go to Ni SEO – Mobile Optimisation.

Local SEO Focus

Secondly, if local SEO matters to your business at all, get on it. If you’re already doing it, double down on it. A lot of mobile searching is done looking for businesses or places consumers either want to find that day or they’re already out and about looking for. Over half of them intend to spend their money that very day, so these are prospects you simply can not miss out on.

Local Hosting

The fact is Google loves local, if you’re aiming to serve a local market with your products and services, to get as much Google love as you can we highly recommend local hosting with companies like Web Hosting Ireland.

Voice-Activated Search


Third, be ready for voice search. Mobile technology has already taken over the majority of search traffic online, and the explosion of at-home devices such as Alexa and Konker have also contributed to search queries happening with people talking or asking a question instead of typing in a search string. Have content that matches these questions. Whenever possible, make your title the very question that a searcher might be asking, then make sure your content answers that question in robust fashion and set up plenty of backlinks from reputable and high-calibre sources pointing back to your article to make it look authoritative.

There’s more to this in being successful in 2018 SEO, but it’s a good start.…


The modern business world is the place of tough competition. The competition is forever increasing as the major businesses are all online and vying for attention in the web space. As such, to give your business the edge over the others, you need to make the website visible to the viewers and make it engaging and attractive to hold their attention. This is where the experts of SEO and Web Design come in the picture. All the modern business houses are hiringthe professionals in this field to have their businesses prosper.

Taking businesses global with the modern techniques

They follow the guidelines of the search engines like Google to give a boost to your ranking online. This ensures that there is more traffic on your site. More traffic naturally transforms to more visitors and in turn more profit for the company. The small and medium businesses are especially benefitted from these services. The work doesn’t stop in getting the eyes on the website.

To make it stay there and ensure repeated visits the site must be attractive and smooth in the running. Any glitches would lead the viewer to just close the tab and move on another site.Also, the site must be easy to navigate and does not take too long to load so that the viewer easily gets the service or product he or she is looking.Make the designing unique but attractive.

The designs must be appropriate for the site. The proper techniques can give a company an edge over its competitors in the market.…

The demand that the companies make from the web design professional is that the site must be SEO friendly. It does not matter if the Parallax or HTML5 software is used in creating the site, it must be well created enough to be able to be accessed by the mobile also. The first thing is to keep the design of the site updated. A website that is not in order will translate to negatives on the search engine ranking. An outdated site will drive away the viewers.

The technologies and their relation to search engines ranking

There are some common technologies used by the experts. Parallax is useful as by using it all the major work can be put on one page. This is helpful to the viewer, and it converts to high ranking on search engines. In most cases, the professionals create several pages using this technology and then amalgamate them together.

In technologies like HTML5, using SEO techniques are difficult though the site is user-friendly and accessible. So this technique is sometimes avoided by the experts. The best way to improve the ranking on the search engines is to keep the user in mind. The expert who understands the mind of the user has the best chance of making the company shine in the web space. A satisfied user experience leads to a better ranking on the site.

Just as the proper techniques can make the name of the company, one wrong step can break it as easily. The trick is not to be afraid to experiment but keeping it contemporary.

Many online business owners are hesitant when getting SEO services because they worry about the cost. Well, not all agree that SEO is affordable. As a matter of fact, there would be some who will recommend you to stay away from affordable SEO because they said that there is no such thing as cheap or affordable when it comes to SEO. However, that’s not always the case.

Green Genie Logo

There are still affordable SEO services you can find in the market. Yet, you have to work hard finding the right SEO company for you to enjoy savings from your needed SEO packages. Luckily, Green Genie SEO is here to the rescue.

Green Genie SEO believes that SEO does not have to be expensive. You do not really have to spend a big amount of money to get your SEO services. In fact, regardless of your budget, you can get the SEO services you want. All you have to do is to tell everything you need to the professionals of Green Genie SEO.

How to Save Money from Green Genie SEO Services?

There are several ways on how you can save money from the services offered by Green Genie SEO. One of these is to determine your needs. Your needs are important for the reason that your preferred SEO packages will based on these. If you are just starting in the online market, Green Genie SEO recommends you to get a complete SEO package. This will work on your business effectively, regardless of the industry or niche you are in.

Another way for you to enjoy savings is to choose only the service that matters the most for you. Don’t get the services that will not benefit your business and would just complicate things for you. There are times that you will experience some challenges in your online business and you won’t just need SEO services but other marketing solutions. In this situation, Green Genie SEO can assist you by giving you more knowledge on what you require and what you should purchase. Aside from that, you will be guided throughout the process.

How Green Genie SEO Can Help You?

Green Genie SEO wants you to experience the success that they are now enjoying. No matter how long you have been in the market, whether you are a newbie or you want to make your website better to stay ahead of the competition, Green Genie SEO can help you. With the SEO services they offer, expect that your SEO experience will never be the same, while allowing you to focus more on some important duties on your business.

Many people have already benefited from the affordable SEO packages of Green Genie SEO. If you want to make most of your investment and avoid wasting money on your needed SEO solutions, always rely on what Green Genie SEO can do for you because they are the best in the field and know what you really require to achieve the success that you and your business deserves.

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