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Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimization

Have you recently created a website hoping that it would bring in an influx of customers and leads? However, all your website brings is a monthly hosting bill and dust! Your website does not have to be a no-traffic zone, in fact, it can be what you always hoped it would be. If you were to hire a Cambridge Search Engine Optimization Agency to help with search engine optimization, your website could reach the top of the search engine rankings. Today we are going to look at the three reasons why you need search engine optimization.

how_to_boost_SEOYou have to think of SEO as not an added expense to your business but an investment. When your website is not at the top of the rankings, you are losing out on customers. In fact, just being at the 4th spot is costing you countless leads and sales. When you hire an SEO consultant, you are doing what is necessary to achieve that top ranking. You would be surprised at how much more traffic you are able to gain as you hit the top searches. When you are on one of the top three spots, you are going to see the lion’s share of the traffic and that means dollars in your pocket.

With the right kind of keywords and right rankings, you will have a website that is open to the public 24 hours a day and never needs a smoke break. This is what you need if you want a rockstar in your company and with the right SEO, it can be your website. It will work for you making sure that you are bringing in the full amount of leads and sales that your business can handle. If you have always dreamed of the perfect employee, with the right SEO, your website can be one!

Having the right SEO for your website is going to impact the bottom line, which means more sales! People shop much more different than they use to. Almost everyone will head to the internet to search up reviews or comparisons before they make a purchase. If you are able to get a top ranking for a review or other type of buyer’s keyword, people will buy from you. You must understand that when people see a website in the top spot, it brings a certain amount of trust. No one is going to worry about you giving a bad or dishonest review if you hold the coveted number one position.

As you can see, SEO is a vital part of any business. If you have it done right, your website is going to become the perfect virtual employee. It will be able to give out the right information to people who are looking to buy. In the end, this is going to improve your bottom line and make more sales. Take the time to find a Cambridge SEO Agency who will help with your search engine optimization needs.

Enjoy Better Popularity with Mobile Friendly Designs from 368 Durham

Online marketers, authors, coaches, and even offline businesses have learned about the important of having a mobile friendly website design. Simply put, it means that your website should dynamically and automatically adjust to whatever device is being used for viewing your site, whether it is a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. When you speak of dynamically adjusting, it means that the reader doesn’t have to make manual adjustments as it is done automatically.

Among the biggest factors which affected such awareness it the change in algorithms that Google made to give higher rankings to mobile friendly websites, while penalizing the ones failed to adhere to basic standards with lower rankings. 368 Durham understands this need, which is why they make it a point to provide their clients with the best and most mobile friendly website designs available to date.

Why the Need for Mobile Friendly Website Designs?

More than 60 percent of searches on Google are now performed using mobile devices. Based on research, over 60 percent of consumers are using their mobile devices exclusively for the purpose of making their purchasing decisions. SEO is a major concern as well.

Since the overall goal of Google is to offer a smoother and faster experience for mobile device users, it only makes perfect sense that Google would feel the need to set benchmarks and raise the standards for basic minimum requirements to deliver such results.

When your website doesn’t have a mobile friendly design, you might end up losing most of your potential clients and customers, and it will continue for a long time, unless you make the switch. It is because websites which are not mobile friendly tend to give a very frustrating experience to the visitors. Their fonts are often too small to read as is, which means that readers need to make manual adjustments and enlarge the screen while scrolling back and forth. Many people don’t have the luxury of time to do it all, even when the content seems to be interesting and informative. Remember that potential customers and customers have plenty of options, and they exercise such options through moving on the site of your competitor, possibly never thinking of going back to yours.

How 368 Durham Can Help

368 Durham is the leading provider of responsive and mobile friendly website designs that can ensure optimal interaction and viewing experience on all types of devices. The company specializes in the creation of responsive sites and online applications. The company believes that the future of eCommerce lies on mobile devices. All of their site designs have been made and meant to be mobile friendly. Every site is thoroughly tested before it is launched to ensure its compatibility with Android, iOS, and small market devices. The team of the company has got the skills and expertise for building your website and making it accessible no matter what type of device they use. So, don’t be left behind and make sure you hire 368 Durham to get the most mobile friendly website design ever.


Consultancy firm, McKinsey, said that US concerns over job losses due to outsourcing are exaggerated. Data shows that only 274,000 jobs were moved to India from 2000 to 2003, while US annual job increase was about 327,000 in the same period.

The consultancy firm qualified the job losses as a drop in the bucket. In the US, job losses of this size is small compared to the 2.1 million service jobs created during the 90s, and the net annual job increase of 327,000 from 2000 – 2003.

Nonetheless, programmers and support personnel had the biggest job losses due to outsourcing to India. In particular, 99,090 computer-programming jobs were lost in the US. McKinsey estimated that 134,000 software-related jobs were created in India — roughly equivalent to the number of US software sector jobs lost.

On the other hand, the number of high end IT jobs (software engineers and system analysts that work on higher-end applications and systems) increased from 2000 – 2003. This increase offset the number of lost jobs in the same period.

Mckinsey said, ”Since trade and offshoring weren’t the primary reasons for the weak post-2000 US employment performance, they shouldn’t be the focus of policies to create or restore jobs.”